The Tamilnadu People’s Forum for Social Development (TNPFSD) was born in 1995, following the ‘People’s Summit on Social Development in Tamilnadu’, organized, in the context of the Global summit on Social Development, Copenhagen. During 1995-2003, the Forum, as a broad alliance, made significant contributions in the field of budget advocacy and monitoring of public policy in the State, by interfacing with grassroots movements, social researchers and policy makers.
And following a Review and Strategic Planning, Social Watch-Tamilnadu was born in 2004.
For details regarding the activities of the Forum and the process leading to SW-TN, refer FORUM TO SW-TN (1995-2003).
Since its birth, SW-TN has attempted to bring Social Equity as a central concern and focal point in public policy and budgetary formulations in the State, through various research and advocacy initiatives related to “Social Equity Budgeting” and public policy monitoring.
For details regarding SW-TN, refer the “Areas of Focus”, the Annual Reports (2003-2018) and the Publications.

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