The post-Tsunami 2004 phase of relief and rehabilitation revealed clear patterns of systemic discriminations, based on caste, gender, age and manifold disabilities. And SW-TN, identifying these discriminations very eagerly, worked with like-minded groups in evolving “Social Equity Audits” – a professional-cum-participatory tool, helping organizations and communities to move from socially exclusive practices towards greater social inclusion.
For details regarding the processes around and the methodologies of social equity audits, refer An introduction to Social Equity Audits”.
The learning experiences of Social Equity Audits have motivated SW-TN to join the ‘Social Equity Watch’ – a national Core Group, concerned about establishing Social Equity and socially inclusive development as central focuses in the public spheres in the country. For details regarding Social Equity Watch, refer
For details of SW-TN’s interactions with Social Equity Watch, refer SW-TN and Social Equity Watch.

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