As market-led public policy frameworks gain ground in the country, Social Inclusion and Inclusive Development become urgent needs; and ‘Social Equity Budgeting’ can be an excellent value-adding tool in the march towards a more socio-economically inclusive Tamilnadu and India – by linking policy and budgetary processes to the livelihood rights and concerns of the socially excluded. 
SW-TN, with its central focus on Social Equity and its long experience in the field of budget advocacy as well as the lessons learned from Social Equity Watch, has identified ‘Social Equity Budgeting’ as the over-arching focal point of all its public policy monitoring and budget advocacy efforts.
Budget Advocacy as Social Audit, Dalit Budgeting, Gender Budgeting and Budgeting for ESC Rights are among the key components of SW-TN’s efforts to make “Social Equity Budgeting” a reality in the State and the country.
SW-TN uses BUDGET ADVOCACY as a powerful tool to monitor public policy and to lobby for concrete public policy changes.
DALIT BUDGETING is an area where SW-TN has made significant contributions, by way of research and advocacy, in the State, which have been duly recognized nationally and globally. For details refer SW-TN and Dalit Budgeting.
GENDER BUDGETING is another area where SW-TN has undertaken substantial research and advocacy. For details refer SW-TN and Gender Budgeting.


 "Irattai Purakanipuku Aalaagum Dalit Pengal", 2014. 

     SW-TN takes immense pleasure in disseminating the document on "GENDER BUDGETING HANDBOOK for Ministries-GoI, State Government Departments, Districts officials, Researchers & Practitioners - 2015" of Ministry of Women and Child Development, GoI. We printed 450 copies of this handbook for private circulation to key stakeholders to institutionalize Gender Budgeting in Tamilnadu.

     SW-TN in collaboration with ‘UN Women-South Asia’, organized a “State Level Consultation on Gender Budgeting in Tamilnadu” on 11th April 2017 at State Planning Commission, Ezhilagam, Chennai. (Click here to view the Report)

BUDGETING FOR ESCR/LIVELIHOOD RIGHTS: SW-TN undertakes specific research-cum advocacy initiatives, linking budgetary processes with specific ESC / Livelihood Rights of the socially marginalized sections in the State.
TRIBAL BUDGETING: SW-TN has envisaged to undertake Tribal Budgeting as it’s another area of research and intervention. SW-TN in collaboration with Tamilnadu State Planning Commission and Network organizations has organized two State Level Consultations on Tribal Sub Plan during March 4th 2015 and 30th November 2015.




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